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  • #Kenya to begin construction of cable car in #Mombasa this year


    The Kenya government is expected to commence the construction of a cable car to connect the Island city of Mombasa and its environs in December this year, reports Business Daily.

    The cable car estimated to cost 5.5 billion Kenyan shillings (5,314,0120USD) will address the regular ferry breakdown on the Likoni channel that links Mombasa Island to the South Coast mainland.



    ;The construction will take 18 months and we are assured that we will be able to deal with the congestion once the project is complete,” said Kenya Ferry Service Managing Director Bakari Gowa, after confirming that the construction will start at the end of the year.

    Gowa further added that the cable will run a 500 metre wire with the capacity to move 20 per cent of the ferry users -about 80,000 people daily- therefore reducing congestion on the ferries.

    “We will have 32 cabins and each can take a maximum of 28 passengers full capacity which will translate to 5, 000 people per hour,” said Mr Gowa.

    The Likoni Express Cable car will take two minutes and thirty second on a one way trip across the channel. The Ferries tale approximately 10 minutes per trip, however delays can stretch the time upto 40 minutes.

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