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  • Septuagenarian parents welcome their first child

    These aren’t new grandparents — they’re first-time parents!

    An Indian couple in their 70s welcomed their first baby into the world on April 19 with the help of a fertility treatment.

    “It was very important for us,” 72-year-old Daljinder Kaur told Barcroft Media following her son’s birth. “I can live happily now. My life is complete.”

    Kaur and her 79-year-old husband, Mohinder Singh Gill — who have been married for 47 years — have been trying to conceive for two years.

    They regularly traveled six hours from their home in Amritsar, Punjab, to the National Fertility and Test Tube Baby Centre, where Kaur endured multiple rounds of in vitro fertilization, a procedure that manually combines an egg and sperm to create an embryo that is inserted back in the uterus.

    “I first tried to avoid the case because she was very weak, but then her medical reports were normal and she was fit to conceive,” said Anurag Bishnoi, who runs the fertility clinic.

    And Kaur and Gill aren’t just beating the odds when it comes to having a child at their age: They also have both surpassed the average life expectancy in Punjab.

    The average man there only lives to about 70 years old, while women usually live until 72, according to data from the Indian government.

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  • #Ethiopia Ranked as The Number #1 Religious Country In the World

    Ethiopia Ranked as The Number #1 Religious Country In the World: According to The Global Attitudes 2015 Survey

    Ethiopians consider religion most important to who they are, according to Pew Research Center data. The 2015 Global Attitudes survey looked at how people around the world feel about religion. The survey found that 98% of Ethiopians consider religion a very important part of who they are.

    In Ethiopia, nearly all of those questioned said that the Ethiopian Orthodox Church was a very important part of who they are. Another African nation, Senegal, follows in second place. In the predominantly Muslim nation, 97% of the population consider religion an important part of who they are.


    Other nations where more than nine in 10 people feel strongly about religion include Indonesia, Pakistan and Burkina Faso.

    Overall, religion is more important to people in the developing world, with the world’s major economies returning much lower percentages. The United States is an exception to this – over half of Americans consider their religion important to who they are.

     In many of the world’s economic powerhouses, the number of people who consider religion important is around 20% or less. For example, in the United Kingdom and Germany only around one in five people said religion was very important in their lives.

    The Chinese feel least strongly about religion by some distance – fewer than one in 20 people said it was very important.

    The future of global religion 

    Changing global demographics and populations will see the global religious landscape change significantly by 2050.

    By this time the global Muslim population will have nearly caught up with Christians,according to Pew research. Conversely, the number of people who are unaffiliated with any religion will increase much more slowly. This will result in them representing a much lower percentage of the global population.




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