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  • Ethiopia: New corporation to administer 20/80, 40/60 condos

    A new draft is being prepared by the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, which would combine the construction and administration of 20/80 and 40/60 condos under the roof of a single corporation.

    Currently  40/60  condos are being constructed  by the Addis Ababa Savings & Houses Development Enterprise (AASHDE) and the Addis Ababa Housing Project Office (AAHPO) is in charge of constructing 20/80 houses.

    The new corporation would be responsible for hiring managers of every site, and planning the construction of new homes.

    The Addis Ababa City Administration Housing Management Agency, responsible for delivering finished homes to the beneficiaries will also be part of the new corporation.

    A recent study indicated that construction was sluggish and that many of the projects were subject to corruption.

    Capital reported recently that no audit had been conducted so far on steel bar, cement, and sand procurement in the 20/80 condos. There have been no projects slated for this year due to budget constraints.

    A source from Addis Ababa city Administration told Capital that the new corporation is expected to be established in one year. Turnover is expected as Addis Ababa City Administration appointees will soon leave their management positions.


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