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  • How to make Your Girlfriend Feel Special – 20 Tips


    The first person you text as soon as you wake up, and the last person you wish a good night to has to be extremely special. The key to any healthy relationship is friendship. Endless love is fuelled by endless friendship. It is essential to examine one’s relationship from time to time and explore ways and means through which you can make it better.

    Oftentimes, men put in a lot of effort in wooing the girl of their choice and somehow take a backseat when they get to be with her. A secret to a healthy relationship is to never stop putting the efforts you made to be with them, once you actually get to be with them.
    Actions speak louder than words. You can say 1,000 loving words to your girlfriend and not mean them while your one positive, loving action can prove them all. If you’ve run out of ideas, here is a list of 20 little cute things that you can do for your girlfriend to make her feel special and keep that love and spark alive.

    20. Surprise her!

    No, you don’t have to wait for birthdays or special occasions to do that. The person you love deserves to feel special even on normal days. Surprise your girlfriend- if you happen to live close by, meet her while she’s leaving for work, she’s sure to smile the entire day. Get her favorite chocolates when you go on a lunch date, for the little things that make a big difference.

    19. Make her feel beautiful

    It’s not just about complimenting your woman on how beautiful she looks; it’s about showing her that you actually feel that she is the most gorgeous woman you have ever seen. Look at her like there’s no woman more beautiful than her, even when she has got a big pimple on her face and doesn’t really feel good about herself. Make sure you make her blush merely by the way you look at her.

    18. Listen to her

    When you listen intently to your girlfriend when she talks, you convey a lot more than loving words could ever do. Even if your girlfriend complaints to you often, it’s because she trusts you and needs a shoulder to rely on. Everyone loves to have someone who is interested and eager to listen to all that they say. Value what she says and empathize even if it doesn’t make sense.

    17. Cook for her

    Even if you’re not the greatest chef in the world, you’ll surely steal away her heart if you make it with love. She’ll love it when you cook especially for her, even if you burn the food or forget to put in the salt.

    16. Love Notes

    Leave little love notes in her bag or at her place when you meet her next, or in a book that she is reading. It costs nothing, takes no time and is sure to brighten up her day. In a world that is so driven by technology, there can be nothing more special than handwritten notes!

    15. Long drives

    This might sound a little old school, but this is one idea that always works. Take your girlfriend on a long drive and play her favorite music. A perfect way to spend time together, long drives will leave your girlfriend smiling.

    14. Notice the little changes

    Notice the little changes. For whenever your girlfriend gets a new haircut, or a hair color, or a piercing, believe me, you’re the first person she wants to show it to. Imagine how special it would make her feel if you notice these changes and compliment her even before she makes them evident for you.

    13. Sweet texts

    Send her sweet text messages out of nowhere- in the middle of a serious conversation, after a harsh argument, or maybe when she sleeps early at night. She’ll surely blush when she reads your text message the first thing in the morning.

    12. When with her, ignore your cell phone

    When you’re with her and your cell phone rings, try and avoid looking at it. When you’re with your girlfriend make you’re with her totally. It will certainly make her feel special if you concentrate on her more than your cell phone.

    11. Random cute gestures

    Kiss her on the cheeks while she’s busy doing something or hold her hand while crossing the road. Hold her hand while you’re driving. Gestures like these may seem small but they do make a huge difference. They show you care for her and love her.

    10. Write a song/poem about her

    No matter how poor you are at writing songs or poems that make sense, write one for her. Write what you love about her; admire her beauty in poetic language. The fact that you’ve tried doing something that you’re not good at, exclusively for her, will make her feel priceless. It is always the effort and the thought that counts.

    9. Begin and end your day with her

    Make sure you send her a cute good morning text and wish her a good night before you sleep. Make sure that she knows that she is the first person on your mind when you wake up and last person you text before you go to bed. Most definitely, she will reciprocate your gestures.

    8. Evening walks

    Evening walks are a perfect way to end the day. They’re special when you take out time from your busy schedule to be with your loved one. You get to spend time with each other and share how your day went. Hold your girlfriend’s hand when you’re out on a walk with her. She is sure to feel special.

    7. Enroll for dance classes

    Enroll for dance classes together where you can learn together. A perfect way to be with each other, learning dance would also polish your creative skills. Get to know if your girlfriend is eager to learn a particular dance form. Then, surprise her by enrolling yourselves for the same. She would surely dance with joy.

    6. Explore!

    Make sure you take out time from your busy schedule and use it to explore the city. Take her to places you love, and discover places that offer her favorite cuisine and local shopping markets. Explore archaeological sites and old buildings. Go on camping and adventure trips. Make her feel that you actually care about her needs and wishes.

    5. Go on a shopping spree

    There’s nothing that women love more than shopping. No matter how boring it may sound, but going on a shopping spree with your girlfriend is actually a great idea. Ensure that she gets the best of what she’s looking for. For when the queen is happy, there is peace in the kingdom.

    4. Understand her needs in Bed

    When you make love to her, make sure it is out of love and not lust. Talking it out beforehand is a good option. Refrain from forcing her to do what she does not like. Communicate your needs and apprehensions to each other. She will realize that you actually care about her.

    3. Little, thoughtful gifts

    Gifts need not always be huge and expensive; they need to be thoughtful and full of love. A little gift every now and then can make a big difference. Get her a book she loves, or the eyeliner that she loved while online shopping. It will amaze her to see you remember little details about her.

    2. Plan a Movie Date

    Plan a movie date in advance. Pre-book the tickets, decide where would be lunching. Without the planning, half of the time is spent in deciding where to go. Hold her hand while you watch the movie, and make sure it’s a perfect romantic lunch- for it’s not every day that you go out on movie dates.

    1. Love her for what she is

    Remember when you fell for her? The way she was? Love her like that. No one is perfect. Do not try to mould her into someone you want her to be. When love is true, it is free of any conditions. Love her for what she is and not for what you want her to be.

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  • Top 10 Best Exercises you can do During Pregnancy


    No other feeling can be compared to the warm rush that goes through you when you finally get to look at those two tiny pink lines which fortell your pregnancy. That kind of happiness is heady, indeed. But pregnancy is not so easy too. It is typically divided into three trimesters and as it progresses along, your body undergoes all kinds of changes. Pregnancy also results in some conditions which may cause discomfort but do not significantly interfere with your daily life. However, to make your pregnancy more comfortable, it is imperative to maintain a good diet, exercise and to take proper rest. This post mainly deals with the exercise part of the pregnancy. Don’t worry, pregnancy exercises don’t necessarily entail heavy work out sessions or equipments. All doctors agree that pregnant women should keep moving. It highly decreases the chances of back pain, makes you more energetic and also ensures that you return to your pre-pregnancy body shape after delivery. Some of these exercises are listed below.

    10. Plie.

    You will need a sturdy chair for this particular exercise. All you have to do is to stand parallel to the back of the chair. Rest your hand that is closest to the chair on it and keep your feet parallel and hip- distance apart. Now, turn out your toes and knees to 45 degrees and pull your belly button up and in. Bend your knees and lower your torso as comfortably as possible. Make sure that you keep your back straight while doing so. Straighten your legs in order to return to your starting position. Repeat for reps. This exercise not only improves your balance but also strengthens your hamstrings, quadriceps and your butt.

    9. Walk, walk, walk.

    This is simple yet effective. Pregnant women must be active and up and walking. Walking does not jar your feet and ankles and it does not require any equipments. You just need a good pair of shoes. It keeps you fit and can be done throughout the nine months of your pregnancy.

    8. Pelvic Tilts.

    Pelvic tilts are amazing as they improve the flexibility of your back and get rid of any back pain. They also make your abdominal muscles strong and ensure easy delivery. Pelvic tilt can be done in various positions but the easiest way to do it is to get comfortably on your hands and knees while keeping your head in line with your back. Now, pull in your stomach and arch your back upward. Try to hold this position for several seconds. Then, relax your stomach and back and go back to the initial position. Make sure that your back is flat and your stomach is not sagging. Repeat this exercise atleast 3-5 times.

    7. Plank.

    For this particular exercise, get down on your hands and knees and stretch your legs out. Make sure that your hands are directly under your shoulders and firmly on the mat. Keep your knees lifted so that your body makes a straight line. Without arching your back or letting your stomach sag, hold the pose for a few seconds and then, relax. This strengthens your core, back and arms.

    6. Swimming.

    Swimming is considerd to be one of the best exercises for pregnant women. It not only works your large muscle groups but also provides cardiovascular benefits. It is safe and it greatly reduces swelling and also allows you to feel weightless inspite of the extra weight that you are carrying on your body. So swim away all your pains!

    5. Squatting.

    Squatting is mostly helpful during labor as it opens the pelvic outlet more , allowing more room for the baby to descend. Since it is tiring to squat, you can practice it throughout your pregnancy. The easiest way to do this would be to stand against a wall. Keep your back straight and your arms relaxed at your sides. Now, slowly slide down the wall and squat so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Try to hold the position for 5 to 10 seconds and then, stand back up. Repeat a few times.

    4. Tailor Sitting.

    Sit on the floor or on a mat with your back straight in a butterfly position. In a butterfly position, your feet are joined together as your knees drop to the floor. Use your elbows to press both your knees down to the floor as comfortably as possible. You may feel a little stretch in your inner thighs. Don’t move your knees up and down rapidly but try to hold the position for 10 to 15 seconds. If it becomes difficult to keep your back straight then, start by taking the support of a wall. This exercise will not only  make your back, thighs and pelvic muscles stronger but will also improve your posture. It makes your pelvic joints flexible and improves blood flow to your lower body. All these will ease your delivery.

    3. Yoga.

    There is no doubt about the benefits of yoga in your daily life. However, if you are to do yoga during your pregnancy, it will not only keep your body flexible and lithe but will also allow you to relax your body and calm your senses. In order to give your heart a workout too, you can add walking and swimming to your daily routine too.

    2. Kegels.

    Kegel exercise is also known as pelvic floor exercise. The muscles in our pelvic floor help support the pelvic organs which include the uterus, bladder and bowels. Kegel exercises help tone these muscles. Kegel exercise can be done in two ways: either by holding or by contracting the pelvic floor muscle.If you want to take it slow then, contract your pelvic floor muscle and hold it for 3 to 10 seconds. Relax and repeat upto ten times. For a faster pace, contract and relax your pelvic floor muscle in succession and at a faster pace. Do this atleast 20 to 25 times.

    1. Pelvic Stretches.

    These stretches are considered extremely helpful if you want to have a healthy and normal delivery. You’ll need a pillow or a ball or a chair for this exercise. To do this, keep your feet firmly on the ground and then, stretch your legs away from each other. Make sure your back stays upright all the time. This causes your pelvis to stretch. Repeat this exercise 10 to 20 times.


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